Petition to ban dog shows

To Minister Carola Schouten

I am very worried about the negative impact that dog shows have on the health of dog breeds and the welfare of pedigree dogs.

Dog shows promote breeding with the most unhealthy dogs
The dogs that win at shows are usually dogs that have the most extreme physical characteristics, making them the unhealthiest dogs. And precisely these dogs are most often used for breeding. As a result the population of purebred dogs is becoming unhealthier.

Dog shows promote inbreeding
The champion male is in great demand and often sires many offspring. That reduces the gene pool and increases the chance of inbreeding and hereditary conditions. It is also a contributing factor to an increasingly unhealthy population.

Dog shows partly contribute to law-breaking!
Shows for purebred dogs promote and reward the breeding of harmful characteristics. These breeding practices are prohibited by law. Article 3.4 of the Dutch Animal Keepers Decree stipulates “It is prohibited to breed companion animals in a manner that harms the health and welfare of the parent or its offspring.”

Show dogs suffer a lot of stress
Popular purebred dogs are taken from show to show. They are on the road for a large part of the year. The accommodation at shows and the show ring itself is highly stressful. Dogs are cooped up in benches for a large part of the day and cannot escape the busy and noisy surroundings. They are subjected to touching and endless grooming, have to ‘perform’ on a tight leash with choke chain and are not properly exercised.

Call for a ban
In the interests of the animals, I call on you to ban dog shows to ensure purebred dogs can become healthy again and, well, to just enforce the law!

Yours sincerely,

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Ja, ik wil een verbod op hondenshows! Yes, I want a ban on dog shows!

Hondenshows zijn schadelijk voor het welzijn en de gezondheid van honden. Hondenshows veroorzaken chronische stress. Bovendien dragen hondenshows bij aan het overtyperen van het toch al zieke uiterlijk en verergeren inteelt. Winnaars op de show zijn vaak verliezers qua gezondheid.

Dog shows are detrimental to dog health and dog welfare. They cause chronic stress, contribute to inbreeding, and promote the breeding of extreme deformities. Winners at dog shows are often losers in terms of health.

Deze actie is afgelopen. Het is helaas niet meer mogelijk om tekenen.

Meer doen voor de honden?

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